Dasung PaperLike what is it ?

It's an external monitor with a gray scale screen who doesn't create artificial light as a LCD monitor, at first you will think WHAT ? I won't use a gray scale monitor to draw, but if you have tested a little device as the Kindle of Amazon, you know that this type of device is fantastic to read a very long time without eyes strain and without brain pain at the end of the day.

So ten years ago the community of users who used gray scale screen in 7 inch or 10 inch ask to make a device with a keyboard, it was foolish at this time because the refresh rate was nears 2 frames per second, to give an idea your LCD smartphone do 60 frames per second, many companies tried to make a prototype and Dasungtech made a powerfull 13.3inch external monitor, to me it was a dream I could use a computer without pain all the day, not just work some hours.

Dasung  PaperLikeHD 13.3 with my 2d animation software and a little Wacom Intuos


Even if the Dasung PaperLikeHD monitor worked with Linux, window 7 and Mac OS (that I don't tested), it was complex to use some softwares, for classical text editor it was perfect ! I think at Libreoffice or Words, wikipedia, google, but if the website was with a background in black I saw nothing, I tried to code Firefox, but it was complex I use now the Firefox extension : No Color.

The Dasung PaperLikeHD was created to read text as files finishing in .txt or .pdf but too to write text or code ! I love this device to that because other devices with gray scale screen had often a restricted OS, often an Android, and when I began I worked with a WIndow7 and I changed for a Linux Mint.

To the lack of the Dasung PaperLikeHD it's the stylus, you cannot draw directly on the screen, and a day I began to try to code an app to paint in black and white, at the beginning I wanted to make a game in Pixels Art as an old game boy of Nintendo for the market of Eink devices.

Eink is a big firm who make the gray scale panels, I have not stock option in this chinese firm, this firm is focused on the signage market for advertissment in the real world, someone told in a video the amount of stock option was nears ASUS the maker of motherboard for computers.

eink stock option in TWO the china currency in 12 2022

So at a moment I began to make a program to paint in retro Pixels Art spirits in black and white the characters of the video game and landscape background, because others 2d programs had a graphic interface in colors and that didn't match with my Dassung PaperLikeHD, I wanted a video game in Pixels Art because the refresh rate of Eink Device was Low at the beginning, and pixelated pictures I thought was more easy for the graphic card to manage, the Eink devices as Dasung 10 inch Ereader, or kobo ereaders, or Onyx Boox ereaders, and of course Amazon Kindle use often an ARM processor and not the same RAM of computer, And at the beginning the technology of Eink screen was different with lot of ghost effect some pixels stayed gray, and was removed after seconds. And years after years I abandonned the game and I transformed my 2d paint software in a powerfull 2d Animation Software.

People ask me often what is the price ? nears 748.00$ for the 13.3 inch the exact price and for the 25.3inch it's 1,798.00$ at 26 april 2023 in their Dasung Shop.

I bought 3 Dasung PaperLikeHD 13.3inch, the first worked with Window 7 and I stopped to use this device because the cable moved and often I lost the connection, the second I am writing this article with ! And I bought more than 5 years ago, I lost the sticker logo, and a pixels burnt recently but i coded nears 100 000 lines of codes with and I google a lot on Firefox very happy with this devices, the third in fact I didn't use a lot because the technology changed it allow video as an old film in black and white without ghost effect, it impressive to compare with the first kindle that I tested.

If you buy a Dasung PaperLike you need vto erify on the shop the cable needed to link with eletricity and the HDMI ports, because connection linkers change with new generation of this device. And if you want to test my Animation Software that work better with a Wacom tablet.

Author : M. Jérémie ROUSSEAU